After a few teething problems with the pump on my Grainfather, I have managed to put on a brew with a degree of success.

For anyone having issues with their new Grainfather pump, maybe try the same fix as me, which essentially means, pull out the pump, remove the head, pull it all out, having a poke around and reassemble. I made a few videos:

If the problem presents like this, pull out the pump and disassemble like this, and further this. Reassemble and BOOM, working Grainfather.

Once the pump was sorted, the mash in went smoothly, the 5kg of Pale Malt, 300g of Medium Crystal and a KG of Oats quickly turning the water a rich orange/brown as the liquid pumped through. I think this is what sets the Grainfather apart and certainly helps hit those high OG readings. This brew hit 1.065 without too much effort and no added sugars or extract.

After the usual 60 minute boil with just 30g of Cascade Hops, I had a 20 minute Whirlpool where the majority of my hopping was to occur. Not realising hop bombs are only meant to hold 30g, I stuffed them full and dumped them in. Unfortunately during cleanup, found one of them still full and virtually unused, full of aromatic hops. Hopefully this doesnt spoil by brew… I have an equal amount to go in as a Dry Hop on day 5.

I treated myself to an SS Brewtech Brew Bucket fermenter. It certainly looks the part with it’s conical base and built in tap for bottling or in my case kegging.

I’ve opted to go with the 4L keg system from iKegger. They’re small enough to fit in the fridge without causing too much domestic disturbance, small and light enough to take with me to work or to gatherings. They seem the business, will go into more detail on those later when we come to kegging and drinking the brew.

Anywho, it’s currently in the fermenting fridge, dialled in at about 20 degrees bubbling away. Will keep you tuned.