In case you’ve not noticed, I’ve forgotten to write… I’ve been too busy and last night actually slept… Tonight not so much… So here’s a little recap of the last two days in Vermont.


I arrived in Burlington from LaGuardia NYC a bit early, the dude at Alamo gave me an upgrade so I’m riding in style… Sorta… I have a Dodge Dart, it’s no street machine but beats the pants off the Getz that I’d booked. Tight ass special! I thought about getting a sweet Mustang or something but it’ll probably sit in the parking lot while I ride everywhere on a bike so let’s go cheap I thought.


Anyways… Starving, I head for a lunch spot, Burlington Beer Company is just down the road from the airport. I arrive at a factory unit, forklifts everywhere, a loading bay… Surely this isn’t the place! A little blue door to the left, I head in, maybe someone will give me directions.. Inside is a buzz, dudes everywhere sipping cloudy murky looking IPA’s, a skinny hyperactive dude behind the bar welcomes me, I forget his name, I think it was Jeff, but hella nice guy. I take a seat at the bar, he pours me a tasting paddle. Light in the Window, Orbital Elevator, It’s Complicated Being a Wizard and Puzzles & Pagans… All fantastic beers! Jeff promptly slides me a glass of something red, looks like something sour, damn, it’s amazing, You Can’t Get That From Here is a sour with prickly pear and pink guava.. They’re keg going it literally right now! Wow!

Jeff sets to work whipping me up a cheese board on a big cutting board in the shape of Vermont. Wow, what a welcome… This place is sick!

a local dude sitting next to me leans over ‘you new in town bro?’ ‘Get yourself some Vic Secret, it’s a great example of what we’re doing up here’

He wasn’t kidding! My god, it is superb! Better than Pliny The Elder, better than anything I’ve tried… On another level.

I grab some takeaways and hit the road bound for Stowe.

The place gets prettier and prettier as I head uphill, wow… Impressed.

I take a quick detour into Waterbury to check the place out. Prohibition Pig is on my to do list but I’ve eaten already so will save that for another day… I’ll try my luck at Craft Beer Cellar, see what goodies I can get… You never know!

A young dude comes right over offering assistance, I breif him and he gives me the tour… Their range is amazing, I could go crazy. He takes me over to a fridge, ‘these are all fresh in today’

Holy shit… Sip of Sunshine is there, Super Session and Double Dose from Lawsons, wait… That silver can… That’s not… Holy shit, my first stop and I’ve found Heady Topper!! Yes! I’m done :))

Up to Stowe I go with my box of goodies safe in the boot, check in to my motel room. It’s small but cute, my Mum’s decor from 20 years ago but it’s cozy and surrounded by beautiful lawn and trees dropping leaves. There’s a hammock right outside under a maple tree… I’m so on it!

First can of Heady in a hammock under a maple tree, in Stowe Vermont… In fall! Stick a fork in me, I am done.









Cannot get better.


to be continued… Alchemist, Doc Ponds, Riding in the dark down windy trails, Hill Farmstead, getting lost in Montpellier and more…

I’ll pretend it’s back in present tense… it’ll make me seem like a better travel blogger. Forgive me if I slip up again!